+ Our Philosophy

What lifestyle are we longing for?

We aspire simple, yet quality living.  We celebrate life. We adore nature.  We desire to live in compatibility and harmony with nature. We believe in balanced state of mind is the key to beauty. Timeless beauty. We work with perfection and passion. We bring the best from Switzerland. We bring beauty from within.

+ Our Belief

SUR PUR is dedicated to bring the best practice and beauty,
based on the nature’s precious resources and the latest
technologies from Switzerland. 

“ Youthful Skin
Timeless Beauty
Swiss Aspiration”

+ Our Technology

Cell-to-Cell communication

Today, SUR PUR’s products, originate from the latest scientific research based on cellular communication (Cell-to-Cell).  SUR PUR’s research has created dermaceutic products containing Swiss botanical actives that stimulate the formation of key proteins of the dermis where imperfections, like wrinkles, are born.  These actives perform as messengers in stimulating specific growth factors in the skin and reactivating the skin’s key cells, resulting in efficient skin renewal.

Traditional skin care focuses only on the efficacy of their ingredients without giving attention to the importance of cellular communication. Efficient communication between cells is essential for their optimization and promote extended longevity giving the appearance of a more youthful skin. Thanks to Cell-to-Cell technology, SUR PUR provide the most effective treatment for its range of products.